戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ [vol. III]

by Airospace

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Album released and available for free on DATPIFF & MIXTAPEMONKEY


released April 25, 2016

Mixing: Anthony "Airospace" Alexander
Mixing:(Insomnia): Tom Bombadil

Mastering: Oluwajumi "Jumi" Olowofoyeku

Production: Emune, tkdwn, Awhlee, Beatowski, Howie Wonder, Tek.Lun, Matatabi, Mndsgn, Karavelo, Autumn Keys, RND1, rxn

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ig: spairoace
tw: spairoace
fb: spairoace
sc: oxoutthecage



all rights reserved
Track Name: Feint (prod. Emune)

i don’t want to meet people
i don’t really want to party
i just want to commit to one shawty
seems that this wish is never granted
granted, i can barely keep my body standing
i’m drained through my skull gone as another part of me
daydreams a dagger penetrating main arteries
keeping me afloat but for so long
to voltron my pride keeps me greedy til i so com
so calm - red dot power in this old bomb
finger on the trigger cooking hope without the rhubarb
woke up on the couch feeling stout i hit a new bar
of crazy when my aim was for the psyduck not the dewgong
I'm self loathing hatred seeping deeper than a racist
instigating segregation infiltrating second nature
inter-trading with ideals killing with the blunt of blade
just to wake up interrupted recognizing he’s jamaican
and he’s always lived for nothing
and this nothing is sustained
chained - to his thoughts with some research
learning through eraser
that the change of an ideal is as fragile as the paper
that he writes on
solemn heaven’s mighty as a prologue
warmer in my heart so i’m always getting low balled
reaching for the fucking sky with no arms
hold on
suicide’s the highway to a new calm -
shape-shifting outlaw til i’m oolong
who’s wrong - ooh god
please neil tyson don't test me
my minds been elevated since dairy fucked nestle
so grab your graham cracker aubrey marsh is always messy
Track Name: Devil (prod. Tek.Lun)

bitch gimme ya number
i dont got the time
i'm chillin with my niggas and we always on the grind
Astrum got the bullet curving Keems the pumping 9
Black and Zaddy Mike included God is running time
I'm badder than you Joey
my mac is tyler's weakness
get natsu off the ship this niggas always getting seasick
puffing on the the j i'm cold like canada on thweekends
chillin with this bitch and lord she's always fucking speaking
sinister service this kinda cannon can kirk and break a bannister
bruce i'm killing lannister's truth targaryean the cannister
double dragon on the mic beat yo on ass up on the camera
get cauz up on the hype while jaylen's anderson like pamela
when i get the paper ya'll ain't bout to tell me nothing
i'm stranger than a group of friends fucking all they cousins
uncle thomas living backwards cuz he fucked with benji button
edward (jesus) on the script man i'm just trying to bring my mother back


chillin with the devil
i'm just tryin get a shawty like trish


i'm shotty horroh, mixed with matt hoffa
the fist upon my arsonal i kill with saitama
gucci gucci vendi vendi louie louie, prada
my cock kills, i ain't gone none and my swagger still proper
kaya scoldelaria, scarlet johannsen
fucking mandy moore while being filmed by scott hannesen
goddamnit kim
you fuck like a fucking mannequin
wrong bitch - i'm so sorry go back banging saiba men
hanging loose by the neck of my baphomet
master building a berg with some roman catholic pacifist
fuck reparations nigga pay me for these damages
currency accepted form of time machines and Damocles
rapper shit
somebody call VADER i need my nigga asap six
some fake ass bitch nigga trying to take my shit
tag in, rapper carbon compound bout to base that trick
acidic breathing on the mic - eviscerate that bitch
Track Name: Catalyst (prod. Autumn Keys - feat. cauzndefx)

Got the Castles and the Crooks


slim thugging we moved rugged the mans slugging
bum shrugging you mclovin my mans dunking
antecedents we got the paraplegics jumpin
so cancerous lazarus had to nod to something (woo)
guts upon the mic when i write berserk rhyme schemes
high fiends and no sleep bring seizures to my dreams
these are live scenes for kids who already jumped off the building
got the fuck up alive and still ain't have real feelings
we're all gonna die
if i'm sliding off the pedestal i might as well b high
take it by just another mile, fuck it - better to divide
than to multiply by what you never had inside
i'm violent by design
its high times to lift the ceiling, appealing to collide
revealing that the ceiling is a mirror of the sky
better than outside -
you can always tell a killer by the look within his eyes
and i'm an aspiring sociopath
Track Name: Insomnia [paige the fader] (prod. Dibia$e)

its about 11:30 this side on the west coast
thinking about paige as the page gets like six notes
or six views one for each word that i use
its a little to early say that i love you - and that's three
and half of you right now feels like half of me
but its kindalate and my thoughts are getting to me
i'm just excited i don't really know you but
if i could make you happy i'd give you my whole word


and i can't fade
and i can't fade
and i can't fade this
and i can't fade
and i can't fade
and i can't fade this


and i'm wired as fuck
drink til i'm flaccid that's the answer to this madness
i got some other thoughts but all that bullshit seem to vanish
and it don't make sense
and it don't make sense
how i sabotage shit for myself (x3)
yo yo


its two thirty fucking six and i wanna call my mother on speed dial
favorites her name is still saved in
i know i won't reach but please let me keep it
eyes open til i'm floating aint no joking on the weekend
barely getting by and i'm floating where the sea spreads
i've only got a big head, open when i see red
lord don't let me fall in where i see red
i've been only seeing
when i'm leaving
running from the past i don't believe in
angels and the demons fighting ike and fucking tina
with a cord around my neck i project sadness through your speakers
wishing i was meeker
wishing i was weaker
wish i had the chance to tell my mother that i believed her
wishing i was meaker
wishing that
wishing i was somebody else


and i can't fade this shit with you
no i can't fade this shit with you
yeah i can't fade this shit with you
girl i can't fade this shit
Track Name: Saviour (prod. RND1 - feat. shango)

i just lost a gram of coke in the bottom pocket of my ex's purse
what's worse is the coke is for free dibs and i found it first
free digs to the three niggas that came over Kessica
they were all trying to fuck since your tit was hanging next to ya
can't say shit since Elaine had gotten a hard fuck
meanwhile Maria's hanging feelings of a summer crush
real talk on nostalgia i just want the freedom here
jumping off of buildings with a Ivy round my freedom here
looking at the sky like, where the fuck is freedom here
holding on to fears like these tears are bringing freedom here
forget that, i'm on the verge on spitting verbs
In Jolie style i'm cutting curves
this bullet here is simple served
a simpleton with simple words
hold on my tribal is lit tho
surfing on cinnabar missno
i'm running in circles circumference is holding i'm locked and i'm loaded
your chins low
been lecturing god with my dick low
i'm dying for patience
my patients are dead
the god of calamity
living despair
you heard what I said


save me from insanity
i'm lost between my purity
but feel i'm drowing in my vanity
supressing fear in me
i've been hopping serpents
you've been holding grudges
forgetting what makes a person

save me
what the fuck do you need from me?


oh my fuck i want to kill you
no i'm just talking to myself
is the lie i would've told if this centerfold wasn't judging stretch
i'm always told be positive the covered book is colored next
but the judge is based on look and size and in her eyes i'm a stubborn vet
a sick dog with sick thoughts, taken care by a stubborn vet
i'm meant to die, the hole inside is getting big i'd rather sex
running from my problems with a dripping vag and proper strut
stroking til i moisten and gesmoiken on her buttered butt
i ain't been a stitch of sane since Lindsey cut me open but
you don't know an open wound til cauterized is wonderlust
i caught her eyes they fumbled guts
taught my lies they're underbus
suicide, insist and try, resist I may, resist inside
i'm holding hope in an open joke
no punching point, you on my throat
you cut my neck and I grab your wrist
and stab your heart, you'd better know
i kill myself and drag you by it
my thoughts collide, i live in piss

and i don't give a shit


save me from insanity
i'm lost between my purity
but feel i'm drowing in my vanity
supressing fear in me
i've been hopping serpents
you've been holding grudges
forgetting what makes a person

save me
what the fuck do you need from me?
Track Name: Collapse (prod. rxn - feat. Anton Josef Kellner, Brian King Joseph)

i've been looking for a way out
looord jesus our father save and grace me with your mercy
i believe don't that you're existing just a figment of your inner scars
empathy is ever present so you cannot forget us or
forgive or, desist the scars forgive me lord
i'm talking to myself but i hope that you can hear me
if nothing else or something felt i pray that you can cure these
afflictions consistent expressions an ailment a figment
viruses excited and its biting through my frail skin
consciousness is dipping out i'm drowning in my fairness
carless, karmas just an ever running feathered joke
the more that you believe insists the more your futures living spoke
dividends different lens picturesque dissing friends
i am not content unless my anger has been settled in
arguing with self i need the help without the sentiment
the madness is collapsing i'm just grasping how the cynics live
nothing makes sense, so i'm running in a hurry
standing up to self, the defensive and the jury
never tasted love, so i've always had to worry
my incentive is dependent upon
i don't want to live it, i just want it gone
hoping just like coping can keep up for but so long
when it rains then it storms
its insane I parade when it breaks then its on
the slaveship is gone
Track Name: Saitama (prod. matatabi)

Act normal
Stack portable
Facts audible
Rap torturous
Lack forteress
Act nautical
Last sorceress
Had sights on
This tight bomb
In the form of pressurized krylon
No hypes gone
I'm type strong when i rock the micron
Lock the light on
I'm bright bohn
Third eye blihnd
I was contorting linguistics since since my dick was two inches
Now im blowing out your amps and your engines off the hinges
This instance is sinless get here this instant
Scorpion your chest and fucking oatmeal intistines
I'm rapping like the Z came first
spark a jay fuck the curse and let the gift do worst im blueprint for disaster
a hardened armored core
With a gundam cockpit eating metatron ore
Get your jehuty, i'll take my last stand with anubis
Fuck a nudist face up dark magician girls are useless
Who's the best emcee? Shit my death'll likely prove it
Pushing trueness through this movement like i'm chapo moving units
damn gestapo how i do this this
Sticky fingers like i glued them
To the upper inner squirter pumping buttons til she blew it
Aphrodite - The least likely to resist
But she died showing love cuz that shit doesn't exist
So the next heart i find, i'll fuck it with a fist
Until ron jeremy gives me the order to enlist
No cease desist - torture in your corner
You surrender? I'll stab in you stomach so i'll never be a loiterer
Squad up on you heavily, a one man artillery
defective byproduct when i'm killing you i'm killing me
Let me leave -
Heaven calling devils to the man
I'm contesting for myself as a one band stand
But god doesn't dance with humans so i've lost my hand
Ace of spades up the sleeve this defeat taste grand
Track Name: District of Diamonds (prod. Ahwlee - feat. tkdwn)

ayo the ass is fat, i'm about to grab a grip
basic, nothing past the asics, plimsolls the outfit is ancient
improper placement, escape the vape hits
with backwood slurping
while the back hood's jerking and the crack shit surfacing
purpose in the worse of the dispersed as kid alterting friends
we're strange
who fuck you gonna depend?
AZ and Nas, Jay-Z and Cauz
maybe i'm crazy and beyline is flawed
put the mascara on baby your scars
i ain't been a good nigga since the momma got buried
and the bitch i was with fucked my nigga then scurried - its blurry
between me and the casket after the burial
i'm watching rico do vert flips and arials
ariel the mermaid is a scary hoe


snap snap clap
three hits back
i'm drunker than jackie
with a fist in his back


two knives for each wielder
nigga get your skills up
climbing up the mountain proportioned as my body
i'm contortioned and i'll probably
speak a language of the driven when i thrive through persistence
this rhyme shit is given
prescribed a prescription of diction
escape my existence through the sake of resistance
seems she's got a man
but your man can never be the beast that i am
god damn
Track Name: The Unwinding Balance (prod. Howie Wonder x Karavelo)

cycles are only gorgeous
when winter is at the forefront
spoken we only turn one -
notion that we don't run
i can -
not be the reason
that you find your peace
when i'm the brutus in this treason
forgive me please
i've aching at the bottom and it won't re-lease
with this pistol to the temple I can make God freeze
i can make a synagougue high with the sess i speak
i can make a pentecostal die as they idolize me
i can separate synapses when the finite thinks
i can build the impossible in less than a week
i can desconstruct your atoms on a relay sheet
i can transcribe from inside what cold ice means
i can see through a black hole where no light leaves
i can extract the oxygen from salty seas
i can be the lacerations hidden under your sleeves
but when she leaves i'm just aching for a reason to breathe


been sitting in this hall across the essence of space
with the race against time i'm just trying to find my place
if only i could master the distractions that are passing by face
i could probably get it back but i sadly run in place
its that easy
to never move forward
its just that easy
to never move forward


see jealousy and envy, they both did hand in hand
answering disaster with the sadness of a man
massive running passes when your accesses demand
the spark upon a bastard or the flash within a pan
lost traction and my action is to brace upon my head
but when i wake up in the night i'm wishing i was dead
when i'm reaching greater heights i'm jumping from the ledge
dyfunction isn't somethingthat you get because you read
trudge upon on the days of whats fucked up
getting by the days with a drink to my cup
i don't give a fuck about the preacher
he watched my mother tired up he watched my mother seizure
ceaser - i always keep my spine unprotected
abandomned, disbanded the collective
this - to move some more forward
forward, crooked lines jagged with no order


been sitting in this hall across the essence of space
with the race against time i'm just trying to find my place
if only i could master the distractions that are passing by face
i could probably get it back but i sadly run in place
its that easy
to never move forward
its just that easy
to never move forward