by Airospace

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side a: analogues
side b: nocturne (2017)


cover art by zonekidd.


released November 30, 2016

Features: Alireza of Louder Than Quiet, Mike Melinoe, LUNA, Britney Slimes // tkdwn remix coming soon.

Producers: Jimmy Tran, The Martians, strwnd_, Bustre, Diversa, YungTones

Recorded: The Basement, Frederick, MD, Gypsycab Studios, Frederick, MD, The Chamber Studios, Burbank, CA, The Closet, Canoga Park, CA

Mixed: Anthony "Airospace" Alexander
Mastered: Oluwajumi "Jumi" Olowofoyeku

RIP to H. Fitzgerald, K. Ressallam, A. Clement, Che, M.Noelle, Chuck.
Shout outs to Manlikeayi & Inkiscape.

Thank you all for the support, please share

Organic Geniuses.




all rights reserved
Track Name: Kuiper's Belt (prod. Jimi.Tran - feat. Luna & Alireza)
[verse 01]

I don't really really need this uhh
I don't even want see you go
We're the odd in this sequence
I just solve for the x and o
Add an e and the sums this close
Lovin me when I smoke that dro
Lovin you when I drop this low
I only lie cuz I'm scared to know
What the fucks with the lame excuses
Ain't shit guess i'm same as you I'm
Finding love in the girls you knew and
Finding new in this love with you
I ain't really trying to fight I swear you always want my time
I've Been trying to make this music and keep money on my mind
Ain't no time to fall in love i'm fucking far from being fine
Contemplating suicide in every day that I'm alive
I've been loving all these women as this empty shell of mine
Finding purpose to this madness I feel worthless all the time


You said you'd always hold me down
But I don't want you around

[verse 02]

You've been looking through my phone bitch I keep that shit to self
We ain't never been together always fucking someone well - i
Guess my niggas always right cuz you had left with some else
I'm just the upper to depression you just need some other help
I swear to god I want to choke you watch you stab me in the neck
All the words are just as empty as the love we both profess
If togetherness is a fragile stable broken through a text
I guess my dick wasn't enough to keep your mind and body wet
I guess the oceans just a parasite that feeds on Luna's tide
I guess the motions in the moon because the sun won't ever shine
I guess depressions in this bottle cuz I'm lonely all the time
I guess expression just as fragile cuz theres breaks in every line
We're just perforated pages waiting splitting where we hide
Subtle simple seams in normalcy the witness holding dimes
Making quarters out of dollars I've been changing all the while
But I just beg for over standings why I never crack a smile


You said you'd always hold me down
But I don't want you around
Track Name: Wormhole (prod. the Martianz)
[verse 01]

all the homies need me smilin they dont want to see me crippled
bloody sickle like a sinkhole in my chest i feel a little
take my soul up out my ribs inject my thoughts into the fickle
turn the church into a martyr firestarter burn the picture
of a saint around the people speaking space into the seconds
empty moments run together bang my head against the nexus
contain my sadness and anger the saviour because i miss her
pull apart in the quake as i shake and my chakra fissures
if i ever got a second chance to stay in ICU
fuck that bitch fuck that bitch all those pills were cuz of you
no holding hold on the fact that my act is the leaving pieces
i'm a demon in humans clothing --- still no molding the skin to skeleton
filling this filthy closet i owe my soul to the moshes i'm nauseous and busy settling
very verily meddling -- all thoughts are irrelevant --
this is a sickness you know
feeling the ceiling is crumbling niggas are fucking with e-ve-ry bitch that i know
you is a hoe


trapped in a wormhole

[verse 02]

its foh fouty my souls lonely got no homies - i'm high
fucking with two As that were A grade so the stone thrown could collide
which of the two birds that had got hit were just too lit decide
if-- hes an old soul with a big dick or a biscuit with a side kick
and a lit lisp hid a full clip up his short sleeves
there's a no miss
imma jump ship like a skipped disc
imma skunk squares til the tip tips
and i hit dips with a white bitch with a fat ass that can suck dick
with a bad friend with a bad name showing no shame when the dick dips
been a sa-vage since biggies times
fuck 21 i'm 25
aint hold me down when the homie died
so i'm holding dope til my money glides
just get the feeling if i ever feel like
imma kill a nigga no holding in
no nothing nothing in the seven fates
of ascending face into cynics sin
i'm bestowing grace to my fallen state
enter meditate so my demons win
can't nothing fill all
can't nothing heal all
this time is dead
my skin'll peel off
and anything i ever do
will be anything that i ever do
and if anytime that i ever do
will end the pain of a bitter fool
Track Name: Nova (prod. Yungtones - feat. mike melinoe)
[verse 01]

i ain't got a lotta money cuz my pockets black with holes
all these bitches say they love but it don't matter where it goes
if i ever see my father when he shows up at a show
i'mma tell him i dont give a fuck a niggas twenty four
i got a twenty five years
twenty five signals stuck in my right and left ears
the drums are exploding open my third eye and steer
my hopes and my dreams between light showers and fears
the devil is here
i cannot take it
ill spazz when i make it
some cardi w/ whiskey and juice
that girl in the black
with the tats on her and an ass
like a latin with too much to lose
the cops cannot get me
you god cannot stop me
i'm atlas and titans will lose
philosophy probably her
death has just got to me
momma your wish will come true

[Hook - feat. Mike Melinoe]


[verse 02]

dead and i'm fillin feeling the cup and i'm healin
maybe the cynicist inner mission to break down the
hope and sentence my ego to sadder dealings
the active reaction when i'm just fucking some stunted
women to fill in the void and if you would ever just
fucking listen and unblind your stunted vision
the sun would seem brighter than the red blotches
behind your illids and taking the spastic colors
and seen that the flowers dying but beauty
is in the eye of the holder beholding lies

i bet five dirty dollars that a cop'll pull a gun
on any young black nigga before the age of twenty one
if you trying to justify a death with skittles or a blunt
then i hope your ego catapults your family to the sun
fuck a piece i'll take a cross
and force my right hand of peace
still invoke the sun of free pending speech
leave and preach the god of james john and pete
deep, betray the wrist and cut down the feed
sleep, spit down to ground and hit jesus' feet
creep, expell the weak and defeat the leech
i'm sora sporting long johns with keys
come fuck with me



[Outro - Mike Melinoe]
Track Name: Heliosphere (prod. strwnd_ - feat. Britney Slimes)
[verse 01]

said she really wanna love me
but she fucking all niggas
so i'm fucking all bitches
so my heart wont hit arrest
the psych and missin psyching solo psychic i collect
all these feelings and they bottled fuck ya'll niggas out respect
then i elevate to stratosphere and jump up out a jet
be a shooting star i'll kiss the air and make her breath reset
see the paranoid and mirrors only amplifying stress
going diamond?
shit i never know, but they always get her wet
had a thick latin mami feeling gato out in v nuys
fucking all the homies til her eyes became a c sign
fallen for the wrong one?
fuck it imma jihad
and ask tim to conor after airo's dropping c lines
i ain't one to test i'm a therapist on e
giving sane to all the sames he's been fucking every week
drop a penny in your piggy bank and wish up on a cop
cuz imma run up on a nigga imma kill him for his spot