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Carter Moon
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Carter Moon It doesn’t feel like hyperbole to call this one of the more exciting rap records from this year. Airospace draws in dedicated fans due to his deep-cut anime references, but his knack for confessional honesty is what really makes him exceptional. Airo draws from a huge array of different influences, but the rapper who he most closely resembles is Slug, with a similar knack for heart-on-the-sleeve storytelling, particularly notable on tracks like “An Open Letter to Helen Pt. 1” and “Nocturne”. Favorite track: Nocturne (prod. Eevee).
Ryan (Feels So Reel Music)
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Ryan (Feels So Reel Music) Airo's previous release "Analogues" really proved that Airo can produce an intimate album that can resonate with the listener. Nocturne is a continuation of this through the self titled "Eclipse" that the two form. Airo has improved in the seemingly short time between the releases and put out another product that invites the listener into private moments. Whether sitting amongst friends with Home to struggling with feelings loneliness on the sparsely produced Lost. Favorite track: Lost (prod. C-Quick).
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released July 25, 2017

side b.

Features: Emilee Wild, Amber Ryann

Producers: Young Taylor, Ignorvnce, Eevee, Beat Joven, showerkid, P. Will, MB13 Classixcs, 6risko

Recorded: The Laundry Room, Frederick, MD - The Chamber Studios, Burbank, CA

Mixed: Anthony "Airospace" Alexander
Mastered: Oluwajumi "Jumi" Olowofoyeku

RIP to A. Clement, K. Mack, Vader, Mr. Hahn, Chester Bennington

I love you all.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Twilight (prod. Ignorvnce)
[Verse 1]

five sixty one to the T
Teeing off with a swing
getting harder to hit
target harder to crack
crackalacking we get
glass shattering bass
eleveate into space
make him harder to track
get hit by a train
love is all that i lack
told me she only fucking
we fucking for proper tact
step outside of my head
took a trip to stars
found myself in the death
since the vader's darther than God
took a jade blade to the arm in
the room greener than odd
as the dog gnashed at the throat
and the bullet shattered his jaw
feed back to the speakers
the bleachers leave them in awe
blue ruin defeatist the preacher teachings are off
still live in a casket
now next to my brother
right next to my mother
still buried each other
copulated and faded the
contraceptive evaded
jamaican until the death
of the queen and i'm still new
just yorked all over basket
this case this rotten with actors
the fruit is barely reactive
the sweetness is in the juice
chernobyl disaster
all factors gaining the proof
if this waters is only toxic
the poison will give me power
a hero seconding hours the minutes
are vicious cycles i'm biking away from cowards
the clock is twin to the towers (is dead to the mute)
untied from the noose but the tight is only loose
high rise when i jump - snap back to the truth


I think I've met god
Track Name: Silence (prod. P. Will x showerkid)
[Verse 1]

i wont ever dumb it down give a fuck about production
buzzing nothings ever structured til a god has taken cover
every person in the swell of battle, tossed away as gravel
kicked and stepping stones for cattle, clipped i'm fucking sure i've battled
every demon in my brain, every demon in this universe
every racists aching putrid worth
every claim to name misuse of curse
a lion in a den of humans, whips and dirty chains
you can take away my heart but you can never take my brain

maybe my mind will take a stroll
follow for a jitter brisk - the winds what makes it cold
if the purpose to exist -- is to levitate and show
as in each his own is own to each and souls are what we hold
i may never know
but oh i'm getting kind of old
losing my religion feeling christ is but a cold
simple wave of science health obstruction find a cure
i dun sold my soul but mistress found her knees
praying that i blow a load i found some found some
mental stimulation
mind has been erased im racing grasping to impatient
back and forth
and i'm packing heat
my tongue is but the placement
loading up the ammo shots have fired in my basement
reaching for my heart i think im finding situations
finding shit she's finding shit i'm blind and look abrasive
find i'm fine you get i get im drinking and i'm schwasted
auto theft the grandest scheme i'm grinding til i'm faceless
outlaw stand adjacent


Fuck is you saying?
Fuck are you saying to me?

[Verse 2]

real shit i'm hit quick
real rap with the smack shit
finna kill em with the pack shit
illa nigga when the match lit
hitta back a nigga passed quick
vader vader imma see you later
if i hop in fader imma gas tip
elevator with a gas light
penetrate her escalator delegate her
inflitrate her til her back dips
meditator regulator escavate her
i'm spelunking til the crack shifts
like a caveman i neanderthal
leave you so appalled as the prince is called
just shy guy
with the blank face
and the thunder paws
this renegade
is eminem with a better name
or a better cage with an agent
orange for a bitter day
hit a nuke i'm a set it off
let it go i'mma let it fall
james don imma lebron the ball
imma lit fire
been a dead prez
jay z with the based heat
chi town with the god rounds
imma cut sounds like i'm blaise b
temptations i'm tentancion
with a darkness killing see
suicide as the homies die
no homicide is ever killing me
Track Name: I Watched The Moon Fall Into The Sea (prod. 6risko - feat. Emilee Wild)
[Verse 1]

i am the running man
i am the running man
we oscillate around reason like
we're a ceiling fan
my eyes have seen the damned
your thighs have seen my hands
we used to be in love
but love had other men

(sad sally sacks)

the crease upon your lips
i traced it with my tongue
i swear to god that this goddess
has my got a lotta lung
the way you used to talk
the verbs could see the sun
by now they're probably blind
the lies recede the heart

we can talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk
about the bitches huh?
we can fake it like we never copulated on the darker sun


You'd better run and hide
You'd better save your mind

[Verse 2]

this pains a religion
blind faith as witness
ive been smoking on the holy ghost
drinking liquors just for business
i took that initiative
nose up like cocaine
i'm bleeding from my left eye
young child under right wheels
if we fight steel
with a sharp blade
then my weak full veins find appeal
imma Copperfield
as the bullet
on horizon
no asylum
i define the
darkness as a fall guilt
suicide of the lost will
i skipped on the last hill
gave up when i saw the summit kiss
jumped cliff
out to Garfield
my sis said to get out
light girls never talk real
only set up for your downfall
hold up as a dark man
take pride
cuz the wars on
spent time with my head cracked
get bent im your bad back
Track Name: An Open Letter to Helen pt. I (prod. Classixs)
[Verse 1]

i've been stuck inside my mind
figuring that the labyrinth another form of grind
never thought i make it past the
condescending in banter
ascending sentence to transfer
levitate for the answer
god aint really real just a figment of my thought
dishonest truth to dampen out the sadness when i walk
just as static as the magnet thats attracting as i talk
esoteric to a fault i'm just expelling all my thoughts
i'm defending as the ark
nail depression to the wall
take a piece and be apart
my last supper
last fucker
my glass mother
shattered i'm clashing to depart
see the muscles and the cellular
the blood is running soft
light headed
still dreaded
jamaican to my pops feel?
rearrange my countenance
as a tear should never fall
slim picking on an ounce of piff
the spliff is season all - still
trading in the nourishment
for services to spark - kill

[Verse 2]

see i ain't watch my mother die
but the vegetated state of a degenerated
situation non communication
theresa told the hospital that she ain't have a son
the hysterectomy
in exchange my father gave her one
and i ain't trying to live within a slump sitting in a stump
feeling chump with chump change
the ever breathing lung
outlaw --
star system
galactic to a mars christened
is all worn incisions
laceration, validation, pass the casket
hole in the wall
my momma karma's made it
all the while the ivy's got a hold wrapped behind my back
lied about a carriage missed the baby's at her chest
plea bargain
fuck nigga to fuck my nigga next
took me to the funeral usual bitches ain't shit
but us niggas been the cause
dragging out her feelings since the love is just a farce
but the player never paused
sauter up my vessels
i got armor to distress you --
if i die before the war is over
slow up on the park
hop out
gun toting i'm stroking for the fall
put a bullet in my fathers head i swear i'll never call
Track Name: Meridian (prod. Young Taylor)
[Verse 1]

stay gone like my mother fucking dad aye
just trying hit the wall i'm still sitting side ways
stay paul no tekken but i'm strectching
still laying on that goddamn couch sippin cardi'
head feeling SGI within a stargate
bout five years ago i was twenty
i aint never touch a drink
real niggas had to think
depression got the of him
by twenty two
ann been dead
but twenty four slid right around the corner
like that toad had got to texting
caught the rosalina order
hit the border and I spun
now the bowsers and the mario's are
flying to the sun
and i'm stuck here
in this room
feeling gloom
when a run
chained into this kart
but still i change the pace
and prace with the grace
the race was never won
feels like fifth
got a slow accelaration but i tear it up
and her peaches getting eaten
when i'm speeding past the one
you aint really have to do me like that
she said
did you really have to do you like that
i replied
if you really want my heart
then you occupy my time
if communication stops
then the organ draws the line
and its over
no reproach
or wooden roller coaster
with a jhanky screw loose
and the apparatus titled
when the coaster hops the track
and you're always forced to feel it
since my mind will never stop
and i always burn the village
richochet this bullet in my truman
like i'll stay alive
since this love is just a game
and every cat has nine lives
when my constellation aligns
just a litten in the water
surfing high tide

this is bye bye

sorry i lied
something i'm best at
something you've always gotten
i regret that
still i'm lowdown and rotten
yeah you stressed that
or was that me telling you why you
text back -
its a different nigga every time you hit text back
so i ain't really fucking scared
to face a fucking set back
cuz when we face time
still my jet lags
so i upset you
and you just hit back
soo i ignore you now fuck a fucking write back
all minutes and the moments and the days
away i'm waiting
way away
kick that soccer ball far
but the yellow card is the play on my life
is live on benches at
the bar
Track Name: Dusk (prod. Young Taylor)
[Verse 1]

nigga who are you?
i dont really know you
fuck this whole mind shit i dont even own you
fuck this whole rhyme shit i dont even know clue
fuck this whole design and c- limb up this line
with a nostril to the black in the back upstairs
in her room for the day of her birth
and i'm losing it
i wonder her love is as serious as this music is
i wonder if these drugs are as blood as as that
blade in her tissue cuz i lie
trying to find god
burning up my hours since i couldln't leave my job
but i did
i couldn't stand dreaming
i couldn't stand hurt where my knee hit
frankling by same orange ave
where the holly hit the wood
and that truck had hit the drag
bumping clear soul forces
i was trying to lose weight
i was trying to get home cuz my girl was gonna skate
but she wasn't my girl
this wasn't my world
i did not listen
i did not fix it
take one swing the batter still misses
lateral i'm laddering to lather up the latter holding chatter
the distractor disaster is in this bottle
haruko's the head of a vespa full throttle
crawling through this feeling the mirror of a model
the ceiling in her basement that's she's seeing
as he's skeeting and he deep without a condom
come alone and solve them
from austin to boston
dc to compton
this nonsense is bombing
like pressure in the canister
art within my acura
i'm accurate
the fanalis
the magi
the answer is
do you ever dream that you can breathe without regrets?
do you ever sleep whenever sleep aint leaving rest
do you ever speak whenever speech is feeling stressed?
need to hold my chest
fuck it
here's the knife i'll gouge it in myself
cutting through bone in the rib cage
the skins i give you my heart
i really want to die and everybody's in the dark
the sadness of the ark
the covenant we start
it always fall apart
will always fall apart
why do we always fall apart?


why do i always fall apart?
why do i always fall apart

[Verse 2]

ever since my mom died shit's just been different
on the bright side -- i guess i'm still living
to the outsiders peeking through a one way glass
with a dampen on the walls so perception is see a not hear
sort of weak not feared and its lean not beer
klonopin and adderol
add it in the negative
subtract you get the tally up
six deaths in two years
no home in twenty five
no bread i'm pennywise
too black i'm vilified
sinner mind
gorilla glue - can't fix it
these mind tricks ain't misfit
that bitch can get this

impact -
colossal this comet corrupted and clustered
emotional bullet
if ever you fronted
the tongue of this pistol
been bumping his gums and i'm piercing his mullet
tied to a star she can tug a sun up over the summit
Track Name: Nocturne (prod. Eevee)
[Verse 1]

steady asking
is you sad?
did you get it altogether are your pockets getting fat?
is your heart just as cloudy as the blinding cataract?
do you cry?
wait up - can you fly?
why is it it always fails in efforts when you try
but the effortless can help you move boulders
turning over shoulders
got a bout an hour til i work
curbing off the lonely spilling cum up on my shirt
what the fuck
i swear its all just frustration
holiday's are coming every body getting placement
i know we always fight and i'm always fucking up
but if you give a nother try i swear i'll probably fuck it up again
and i really want to change
but i'm so sad that the dark cloud follows in this game
fuck this rap shit nigga
i just want to survive
dodging pistols from the feds
but the last bullet through will be actor in my head
dont wanna bother my friends and tell them they ain't really friends
but its not because of them
i just feel nothing within
everybody think i'm blowing but the musics been still
dont ever give up - ya'll niggas for real?
it takes one bitter moment for a clown to get kill
i'm tragic - like trap kids playing the hero
burner to the timmy tummy for an ounce of that deniro
just give me a chance, nothing big just a little
call a shinigami killer reap my soul sickle