Nocturne: Summer 2017 [Promo]

by Airøspace

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Nocturne (7/25/17)
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releases July 25, 2017



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Track Name: Dusk (prod. Young Taylor)
[Verse 01]

Who are you?
I dont really know you
Fuck this whole mind shit i dont even own you
Fuck this whole rhyme shit i dont even know clue
Fuck this whole design and climb up this line
With a nostril to the black in the back upstairs
In her room for the day of her birth
And i'm losing it
I wonder her love is as serious as this music is
I wonder if these drugs are as blood as as that
Blade in her tissue cuz i lie
Trying to find god
Burning up my hours since i couldln't leave my job
But i did
I couldn't stand dreaming
I couldn't stand hurt where my knee hit
Frankling by same orange ave
Where the holly hit the wood
And that truck had hit the drag
Bumping clear soul forces
I was trying to lose weight
I was trying to get home cuz my girl was gonna skate
But she wasn't my girl
This wasn't my world
I did not listen
I did not fix it
Take one swing the batter still misses
Lateral i'm laddering to lather up the latter holding chatter
The distractor disaster is in this bottle
Haruko's the head of a vespa full throttle
Crawling through this feeling the mirror of a model
The ceiling in her basement that's she's seeing
As he's skeeting and he deep without a condom
Come alone and solve them
From Austin to Boston
DC to Compton
This nonsense is bombing
Like pressure in the canister
Art within my Acura
I'm accurate
The Fanalis
The Magi
The answer is
Do you ever dream that you can breathe without regrets?
Do you ever sleep whenever sleep ain't leaving rest?
Do you ever speak whenever speech is feeling stressed?
Need to hold my chest
Fuck it
Here's the knife i'll gouge it in myself
Cutting through bone in the rib cage
The skins i give you my heart
I really want to die and everybody's in the dark
The sadness of the ark
The covenant we start
It always fall apart
Will always fall apart
Why do we always fall apart?

[Verse: 02]

Ever since my mom died
Shit's just been different
On the bright side
I guess i'm still living
To the outsiders peeking through a one way glass
With a dampen on the walls so perception is see a not hear
Sort of weak not feared and its lean not beer
Klonopin and adderol
Add it in the negative subtract you get the tally up
Six deaths in two years
No home in twenty five
No bread i'm penny-wise
Too black i'm vilified
Sinner mind
Gorilla glue - can't fix it
These mind tricks ain't misfit
That bitch can get this
Impact -
Colossal this comet corrupted and clustered
Emotional bullet
If ever you fronted
The tongue of this pistol
He bumping the gums and i'm piercing his mullet
Tied to a star she tugged a sun up over the summit